ACT/SAT - Not your "regular" standardized test

When students learn specific strategies and practice, amazing results ensue.

Achieving the Desired Score

At Starkey Educational Services we are trained in a variety of ACT and SAT preparation methods, including Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Mastery Prep. Higher scores open doors for students to get into their chosen schools,

but they also provide opportunities for scholarships that pave the wave to a stress-free college experience and a graduation day that is not stacked with debt.

Individualized Courses

Each student is individually evaluated with a baseline test followed by a specific outline of study and practice. A combination of one-on-one coaching,  online practice, phone apps, and old-fashioned pencil and paper work create the perfect storm for student success. Lessons are adjusted in an ongoing fashion as each student progresses.

What our customers are saying

Mrs. Starkey is a great tutor who truly cares about each student's personal success. During each session, she was sure to focus on my problem areas and equip me with techniques that helped me score higher in those areas. With Mrs. Starkey's tutoring, I was able to learn little tricks and methods that helped raise my score that I never would've discovered on my own.

Hannah, P. - Valedictorian