College Placement/Admissions - Help!

The college admission process is one of the most stressful times for a student and their family. 

At Starkey Educational Services we understand the intricacies of the 

process and are there to help guide you through the entire process. 

As your independent college counselors, we will help alleviate stress by working with your family to determine wants versus needs, to create a customized plan for each student.

We are experienced and ready to assist you with all aspects of the college search process including finding a selection of uniquely-suited colleges, application review, available scholarships, essay review, interview techniques, as well as gap year options for students that may benefit 

from an extra year before they attend college.

College Major Choice

Are you approaching graduation but have no idea which direction to turn about your college major choice? Statistics show that college students now change their major an average of 4 times. That translates into extra years in school paying tuition, more years without a "real" paycheck, and general frustration.

College Visits

College visits, if at all possible, are a very important part of the college selection process.  When should you begin to look at colleges, i.e. sophomore year, junior year, summer? Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation now.


Which test should I take?

When should I begin standardized testing for college?

Should I take a prep class? If so, when? Will it change my score? Let's schedule your baseline test as a jumping off point.

Transferring Colleges

Are you currently in college but are thinking about transferring to a different school? Would you like expert guidance on your options? Have you taken a career/personality test? This could be a wonderful step toward helping you make this decision.