Starkey Educational Services provides state-of-the-art academic counseling services 

to students of all ages in the South Louisiana  area.

What sets us apart is the fact that our services are modified to each

individual student based on his or her needs and learning styles, thereby

bringing out his or her unique potential.

Anna Matherne, a senior at Christian Life Academy, received the top prize of a full-ride scholarship during Louisiana College’s annual Smith Scholarship competition.

Scholarship applicants must have scored at least a 28 on the ACT to be eligible for any awards and be interviewed by Louisiana College faculty for assessment of Christian character, academic ability, and leadership qualities.

After working individually for 6 sessions with Ellen our daughter took the ACT and brought her score up 2 points from the previous test. Ellen gave her the confidence and strategies necessary to improve her overall score. She continues to work weekly with Ellen and we look forward to continued improvement on her next ACT. 

Saint Joseph Academy parent

Mrs. Starkey helped me overcome my testing anxiety. The first two times that I took the ACT, I threw up. After several sessions, I began to understand how to cope with my anxiety and I made it all the way through the test feeling confident! From that day forward, I have done better in all of my regular classes and my ACT score increased 6 points!

Christian Life Academy student

The strategies that I learned from Mrs. Starkey helped me raise my score 5 points and I received the scholarship that I needed to go to the college of my choice.

Central High Student student